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“In 2011 after the birth of my first child I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, an autoimmune disorder affecting my thyroid. After seeing an endocrinologist and managing my symptoms, remission periods and flare-ups over the next few years I decided there had to be another solution. After speaking to friends about inflammation and autoimmune disorders I decided to see a Functional Medicine practitioner in 2015 who diagnosed me with Hashimotos. I worked with my doctor, followed an elimination diet, determined food sensitives while looking for the root cause of my troubles. I started eating basically Whole 30 / Paleo, taking probiotics, enzymes and collagen peptides to heal my gut, and learning what nutrients my body was missing. Through this process, I have been able to give my body the tools it needs to help it heal, reduce my thyroid antibodies and feel better than I have in years!”

Megan L

Co-Founder, Nook, A Paleo Influenced Diner

Bloating. Hives. Cramps. Swelling. Blurred vision. Moodiness. As someone living with a gluten intolerance, these are just some of the many symptoms I feel when I eat gluten. You may think to yourself, “What’s the big deal?”, but when this happens to you multiple times a day and causes you to have to sheepishly leave events early, lash out at your friends and family members for no reason, and overall ruins your day. 2 1/2 years ago, I was finally fed up of feeling this way, and decided to reach out to my Doctor and find out what I could do to combat these symptoms. My Doctor explained that there are solutions to have a healthier gut, including taking a probiotic daily, taking epsom salt baths and drinking plenty of water, but said that the best overall solution was to implement a gluten free diet. That was not easy to hear, as my favorite foods include pasta, pizza and cookies (yes, cookies are food too!) The first couple of weeks on my journey to gluten free living, it was not easy to break away from the routine of eating sandwiches for lunch, eating a soft pretzel at a game, and saying no to cake at celebrations, but once I started, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt! Not only did all of my symptoms leave immediately, but I noticed that my skin was clearer, my anxiety left, and I was back to being myself again. The best part was that I started noticing how many gluten free options there are out there, and that Indianapolis is home to a plethora of restaurants that cater to people with GI/Celiac and have incredibly delicious foods. If you find yourself in a similar situation as I am in, know that you are not alone, and this journey to healthier living can be done, especially if you live here in Indy!

Ashtin F

Blogger, Latte and Lipstick

I was extremely intrigued when NOOK was coming to downtown Indianapolis because of the menu they would be offering. In November of 2017, I challenged myself to live a vegan lifestyle for thirty days. It was empowering to fuel my body with the best food there was to offer in the city! I was cooking at home more, but also challenged chefs around the town to prepare vegan dishes for me (two steakhouses!). After the challenge, I continued to eat a vegetarian lifestyle because of how good I felt on a daily basis. I haven’t gone back to eating meat and don’t plan to do so in the upcoming future! In times that you don’t get to enjoy NOOK for lunch or dinner, I hope you find this recipe to be a delicious substitute! Check out my page for directions on how to create Vegan/Paleo Taco “Meat” for your next #tacotuesday.

Meg K

Blogger, FoodieIndy

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