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Now before we tell you what paleo diet is, let us first understand what the word paleo actually means.

‘palɪəʊ, ‘peɪlɪəʊ/
combining form
prefix: paleo-
older or ancient, especially relating to the geological past.

The definition above is what you would get when you search for the term paleo on google, and we mentioned this fact just to keep things clear.

Coming back to the point, the paleo diet is not a diet. It’s not the thing where you would be counting calories and what not. Broadly speaking this term “diet” is more of a marketing term which seems to be highly irrelevant in the case of paleo style of eating.

Millions of years ago, when we did not have KFC or likes, nor we had cooking gas and heck we didn’t even have proper homes, we the humans would eat whatever we could get our hands on.Meats, vegetable fruits or anything else that the human body could digest. Now you might ask why aren’t we doing it now.

Before we answer this we would like you to know that everything bad that has happened to our bodies through our eating habits has been after the dawn of agriculture. Before being an agriculturist the humans were excellent hunter-gatherers and this has been the scene for a really long time. In a way, our bodies are actually attuned to this phenomenon called the paleo diet.

Meat and fruits were the major diet components before the agriculture came down upon us. With agriculture we started consuming grains, result in flabby obese bodies and we had those sexy chiseled bodies when we were hunter-gatherers. Get the picture now, now you understand why eating like a caveman is good for you.

Caveman had no sugar and he had no grains, so say goodbye to both of them and yes all kinds of processed foods too. Now the question comes if I am giving up on all my nice food where would I get my energy from. The answer is simple when you reduce your carb and sugars the body will start adjusting to the new way of eating. In this process, it will start burning fats in the body for getting energy. Here comes the bigger question: What the hell can I eat if I follow this paleo way of things.

So, here is the list of things that you can eat when it comes to paleo style of staying in shape.

Meat: Yes grass-fed meat is something you should eat, make sure it’s not grain fed as grains in animals also causes the same problems as they do with humans.

Birds: We meant fowl by that, you can eat chicken, turkey and any other flightless bird for that matter.

Fish: Only those which are wild, the farmed ones have mercury in them.

Eggs: Eggs just regular eggs but the ones who are produced in a cage-free environment.

Vegetables: Eat all you can, they are the best.

Oils: Olive oil, coconut oil, and others

Fruits: Choose organic ones and eat all you can.

Nuts: Almonds, peanuts and many other. They are perfect for snacking.

Tubers: Sweet Potato and yams are the best bet, rich in carbs and good to keep those energy levels up.
As an endnote, we would say that the information above should give you a fair idea of what paleo diet is. Stay tuned for more such informative articles on the paleo diet.

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