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After a cold winter, it looks like mother nature has finally turned a new leaf and is starting to warm up. As the temperature climbs, we find ourselves wanting to be outside as much as possible. There’s no better time to get out of the gym and hit muscles you’d never reach with those machines.

Get Off The Couch and Get Fit with These Six Outdoor Exercise Activities…


Trees – Work Those Arms

Mom always told us to not to play in trees when we were younger. Now, we’re always on the lookout for a sturdy branch. Find a strong branch and use it to do pull-ups! Bonus points if you do this while on a hiking trail.

Park Benches

Park benches and athletic stands are perfect for pushups. The height difference between the ground and bench helps target your chest and upper body for a tough workout. If the park bench is lower, you can try step ups to get your heart rate going.

Watch Out For That Wall!

No, we’re not talking about the wall you hit at 3 pm at work. Keep a close eye out for walls to knock out a few wall sits. Sit with both hands on edge of a bench, knees bent, feet flat on the ground. Dip yourself up and down with your arms. You can also put one leg up on the wall and lunge forward to work on your wall lunges. Can’t find a wall? Fallen tree trunks work well too!

Swings at the Park

Let the kids run wild at the neighborhood park while you get your workout in. You may have to fight them for one swing, but the benefits are totally worth it. Get into plank position with your hands on the ground and feet on the seat of the swing. Bring your legs in towards your chest and repeat several times. This will blast that winter belly weight away and also works on your arms. To make it even harder, try keeping one leg on the swing and bringing the other to your chest. The isolation will test your balance too!

Walking Lunges

One of the most basic, yet beneficial workout. Set a beginning marker and an end marker. Make your way down the path doing walking lunges. For an extra challenge, look for rocks, or bricks to carry for additional weight.

Running Stairs

Taking the stairs, even at work, raises your heart rate immediately. It’s a great way to build your core muscle strength. Why not do it with a view? Many local high schools and colleges offer access to their football or soccer stadiums which are the perfect place to run stairs. Looking for something with more of a view? Try the Indiana War Memorial in the morning for a killer sunrise, or after work. The Indiana War Memorial provides a beautiful skyline view of downtown Indianapolis. After your workout, you can walk a few blocks over to NOOK, A Paleo Influenced Diner for a delicious, healthy dinner.

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