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What was the most memorable meal you have had on Mother’s day (not prepared by you)?

I know for myself, relaxation coupled with a scrumptious meal go hand in hand (and not thinking about making a meal)

As mothers, we spend so much time researching, planning, and creating wholesome and delicious foods, that we hope our children, and significant others devour…and when they do there is such a warm happy feeling of joy and satisfaction for us. Cause we are moms. We like to nourish our loved ones and take pride in it.  We worry we want to balance nutrition, with fun, yummy, tasty, etc etc.    We truly try to make meals full of love, wholesome ingredients, tastiness, and creativity. As moms, we cook with our hearts (most of the time, and want to all the time!)  That’s what moms do, and especially foodie moms.

Let’s be honest though, as much as it thrills us to create the meals, doesn’t the question “what’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner ” daunt some days, be honest!! It certainly does me, where  I wish I wasn’t asked that question!  BUT what’s the flip side, leaving the creativity up to them could be even more daunting…like for days…months…hahahha!

Share the most impressive or least impressive mother’s day story with us! We have all had them!”

Also, plan on enjoying this Mother’s Day with NOOK and having the entire family enjoy a meal with us.  Let our creative kitchen plan a wholesome delicious, “not out of a box “meal for you and your family on mothers day. You can have the icing on the cake (literally) here with us at NOOK!

Please join us for Mother’s Day at Nook, Sunday, May 12 from 10-3:00 pm.  We will be serving our regular menu, in addition to a Mother’s Day Special Menu.

First and Foremost on that Mother’s Day Menu

  • Momma’s Mimosas, Marys, & Bellinis
  • Frittata
  • Paleo Chicken & Waffles
  • Paleo Pancakes
  • The Paleo Breakfast
  • The Keto Breakfast
  • Kid’s Waffles with a Fruit Cup

My tips for mothers day this year

  • Do not set the alarm!  come on!
  • Get in a good workout
  • Take a longer shower
  • Spend the 20 extra minutes getting ready
  • And join us at NOOK for a memorable meal

—–Trishna – the foodie mom from the Nook

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