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Food is fuel, and we think it’s a good idea to eat for your energy, health, and well-being rather than to placate your emotions. Food is also enjoyment, taste buds are amazing!! Luckily, through modern cooking (unlike the Paleo era) we are able to use these whole food principles to create flavorful, complex recipes that make eating clean much more fun!

But what if you’re in the middle of a Whole30 challenge (a fantastic 30-day program that pushes the reset button with your health, habits and relationship with food to revile  you how different foods affect you and shows you firsthand just how amazing you really CAN feel while following a “whole food” or Paleo diet)?

To give you some tasty and compliant ideas, we’re sharing some of our favorite recipe modifications. 

5 Ways to Turn Some Favorite Meals into a Whole30 Approved Menu

1. Sub in coconut milk for dairy. 

Coconut milk from a can (like Native Forest) is Whole30 approved, and a great option for creamed spinach, coffee creamer, and more. 

2. Sub in almond flour for wheat/white flour. 

Now, the Whole30 famously advises against “Paleo pancakes” and things of that nature—although we’ll be the first to admit that but for something like meatloaf, a little bit of breadcrumbs usually goes a long way. 

Fortunately, almond meal does a good job as a stand-in to help bind your delicious loaf together. Works great with meatballs, too!

3. Sub in a little bit of fruit juice for sweetener. 

The Whole30 does permit real fruit juice on occasion as a bit of sweetener. We love it in the form of a freshly squeezed lemon slice in some ice cold club soda so you can enjoy a delicious “mocktail” while out with your buddies.

4. Sub in a coconut wrap for a flour or corn tortilla. 

You can find some great wraps made with just coconut (like these NUCO Organic Coconut Wraps, made with coconut meat, coconut oil, and coconut water—that’s it). While these wraps won’t technically be found on a Whole30 approved menu (since the diet experiment shies away from anything resembling the standard American diet staples), this is great when you’re really craving a yummy breakfast burrito or mid-day turkey wrap. 

5. Let US do the Whole30 cooking for you!

At NOOK, We Love Whole30.whole30-approved-menu-items-indiana

We’re also extremely proud to now offer our customers a Whole30 approved menuThis makes it easy for you to find dishes that are 100% compliant with the program rules—a seemingly

 monumental task when dining out at a lot of other restaurants. 

When you eat with us while you’re on the Whole30, you can skip the guess work and simply enjoy a delicious and healthy meal out with friends and family. Stop by NOOK or contact us to learn more about our menu! 

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